Countless studies show that financial education in the workplace is proven to produce results that include increased morale, lower rates of absenteeism, less turnover and fewer distractions in the workplace. FPFE provides workshops covering various topics related to personal financial planning and financial well-being. Workshop material is continually updated to stay current with best practices, and changes in the legal and financial landscape.

Our workshops are conducted by seasoned professionals who have established themselves in their respective field and have been specially trained and Certified. Certification consists of a comprehensive course which can be taken Online or in a Live setting. Members are then Certified, and re-Certified annually to conduct instructional workshops specifically in an employer setting. To ensure quality and integrity of our Membership, we conduct annual background checks on our Certified Members. Furthermore, all of our professional Members have agreed to operate under an additional layer of ethics and principles as part of their continued membership with our Organization.

All of the Workshops for your company will last approximately one hour, with 45 minutes of topic discussion, and another 15 minutes dedicated to Q&A. Workshops are typically delivered as a series of six or eight organized topics, one workshop conducted each month over a six or eight month period. We are also able to customize a schedule to meet the needs of your particular organization or group. Typically, organization’s start with “Getting Fiscally Fit”, a comprehensive series of classes during the first year, and then HR’s will pick and choose the classes they prefer to conduct, or re-start the “Getting Fiscally Fit” series from the beginning.

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The Fiscally Fit Series

Monthly Workshops – Six Workshop Series Example:

  • Getting Fiscally Fit
  • Estate Planning
  • Home Ownership & Financing
  • Refi Strategies
  • Retirement Planning – First Class or Coach?
  • Home & Asset Protection
  • Local & National Housing Market Trends

For more information on each workshop, or to schedule workshops for your organization, please call Marilyn Summers at 858-793-1114, or send an email to:

The “Fiscally Fit” Series of Financial Planning Workshops

Getting Fiscally Fit

This class is a great kickoff to the series, and provides a broad overview and introduction to sound financial management. We will review the roadblocks that keep us from reaching our financial goals, as well as discuss the various options for overcoming those roadblocks.

Topics include:

  • Basic Cash Management
  • Accumulating Wealth
  • Financial Hurdles
  • Importance of Planning

Estate Planning

Learn strategies to reduce estate taxes, ways to keep your family out of Probate court, and how to insulate your kids’ assets from their future creditors. Understand why titling real estate in “Joint Tenancy” may not be best if you are married and how to avoid Capital Gains Tax by titling your home properly. Will a court allow your family to sell your house if you have become incapacitated? Who will take care of my children when I am gone? Which is better a will or a living trust? When do I need a living trust? We’ll answer these and other important questions in this informative workshop.

Home Ownership & Financing

For most of us, our homes are the single largest investment we’ll ever make. With a number of hurdles facing potential homeowners, such as affordability and obtaining a loan, it’s easy to see how important this class is today. This material in this class will help attendees understand the implications of home ownership, and provide a step-by-step map of how the purchase process works by taking them through a real-world purchase transaction. We also shed some light on common myths associated with buying and selling a home. Whether you’re a first-time home buyer, or moving up or down from a current home, we’ll break the process down in simple terms and teach your employees an easy-to-remember method of what is most important to buyers, sellers and creditors.

Retirement Planning – First Class Or Coach?

Are you prepared? Whether you’re 10 days, 10 months, or 10 years away from retiring, there are a number of key issues to address before you can make that move. You must be prepared for one of the biggest transitions of your life. This class involves a thorough review of retirement planning and the obstacles that can keep us from reaching our goals. We will review the various retirement plans available to us as well as a look at whether or not we are on track for the type of retirement that we are hoping for.

Home & Asset Protection

Explore different ways to protect your assets from your existing or future creditors. We will review how properly insuring and titling your house and car can protect your family. We will discuss use of umbrella policies and strategies to preserve assets for your heirs, and find out to what extent our spouses are liable for our debts. Learn how wealthy individuals use LLC’s, corporations, and trusts to protect their assets from liability and taxes.

Housing Market Trends

The market is constantly changing and by understanding where we are in the market cycle buyers, sellers and home owners can properly plan and save valuable time, energy, effort and money. If you own a home, or are considering purchasing a home in the near future, don’t miss this very popular face paced interactive forum discussion. This is a classroom style workshop packed with valuable info and and we’ll explore practical information for buyer’s and seller’s to apply in today’s real estate market.